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Parent feedback

I deem it my immense pleasure to express my heartfelt opinion towards the dedication of the school for the good education, successful development towards the welfare of each student. At the initial stage when I took my child to the school before admission, I was not fully confirmed to admit her to 9th Standard. I left the choice and decision to her. She herself disclosed that she is interested to join Jnana Sudha School. When I asked reason, she said that the atmosphere in the school, maintenance of discipline, more than everything the encouraging and closely intimated words of director of school, created confidence on her and she prepared to join JnanaSudha High School.

I experienced lot of dedication of entire faculty members of JnanaSudha towards student's welfare such as concentration on eachstudent's educational development, development of competitive mentally in students, etc. Their service was not restricted for or limited to one hour inside the class and examination. It was widely spread to make each student successful in his goal. In JnanaSudha her individual performance like conducting master of ceremony of any event in the school, addressing speech individually was recognized and identified. I am very graceful to teachers and principal for recognizing her individual ability and made her to win prizes. The system of getting feedback from parents, conducting parent teachers meeting, asking for suggestions from parents would build up the strong bondage between parents and school and faculty.

I would like to say that JnanaSudha has not taken our child to the school. We have admitted our children to Jnana Sudha School with strong assertion that our child will reach the goal of our expectations and desire and we look forward the outcome of our child with success.

I am also thankful to the principal and teachers who take more care towards each student from beginning to end of their time in the school and also till they reach home.When we make telephone calls to the teachers to in order to get information about our children even after school time, their response was very kind, polite and accessible. I appreciate their patience and concern for the students. Heartfelt thanks for that also.

I am feeling proud for being identified as a parent of JnanaSudha School student in the society.

-Rekha D Hegde